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Travel Information on Santorini Flights, Ferries, Santorini Beaches, Sightseeing & History of Santorini


...One simple word that brings to mind images of unprecedented beauty. Nowhere else in the world is there such an impressive and magical combination of landscapes: the mysterious volcano and the golden sunset that sinks into the blue Aegean waters, the colorful beaches that are surrounded by high cliffs made of volcanic rock, bright white houses carved into the reddish cliffside, and dominating ancient monuments are evidence of one of the most significant civilizations in history.

A land so unique, that it becomes engraved into the soul and mind of everyone who visits it. On this page, you are provided with travel information about Santorini sightseeing and Santorini beaches. You will also be informed of the distances of the Astra Suites Hotel in Imerovigli from Santorini Port and Santorini Airport.

Santorini History

Santorini is rightly so one of the most exciting destinations in the world, attracting thousands of visitors every year. During ancient times, Santorini was an important cultural center of Greece, and the many different tribes and peoples settling on the island had changed its name many times, from ‘Kallisti’ (the beautiful one) and ‘Stroggyli’ (the round one) to ‘ Thira’ and finally ‘Santorini’. The history of the island is closely connected with volcanic activity in the area. In Prehistoric Times, in the 17 th century BC, a violent volcanic eruption occurred, altering the shape and morphology of Santorini forever and creating the impressive natural features that we admire today. Nowadays, the island goes by the name ‘Santorini’, baptised so during the Venetian Rule after the Church of Santa Irene.

Santorini Sightseeing & Touring

Due to its rich history, Santorini provides visitors with some amazing archaeological and historical sites. We first recommend visiting the Prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, which is very well-preserved as it was buried under lava and ash for centuries. Some archaeologists believe that Akrotiri is connected to the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

You should also visit the archaeological site of Ancient Thira and will have the opportunity to admire remains of sanctuaries, houses, a theatre, a stoa, and a gymnasium. The view from Ancient Thira is simply magical. The ruins of the Venetian Castle ‘Skaros’ are located at close proximity to the Astra Santorini Apartments & Suites in Imerovigli. In this castle, Marco Sanudo raised the Venetian flag when the island was conquered in 1207.

It is also worth visiting the wonderful monasteries and churches scattered throughout the island, as well as the Archaeological, Folklore and Prehistoric Thira Museums in Fira, and the Maritime Museum in Oia.

A wonderful touring activity is a day trip by boat to the volcanic islets of Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni and Thirassia, which are situated opposite Santorini, to swim in the hot springs of the area.

Santorini Beaches

The beaches on Santorini Island are some of the most unique in the Aegean region. The eruption of the Santorini volcano thousands of years ago resulted in the creation of some of the most dazzling beaches in the world, with colorful sand and pebbles, such as the Red and White beaches near Akrotiri, and the black and grey beaches in Kamari, Monolithos, Perissa and Perivolos.

There are also some very beautiful Santorini beaches on the northern coast, including Armenaki and Amoudi, as well as the beaches of Baxedes, Koloumbos, and Vourvoulou. We recommend marking these beaches on your map of Santorini.

Santorini Cuisine

A most enjoyable feature of Santorini Island is its cuisine. Santorini is celebrated for its tasty delicacies, such as fava (split-pea dip), fried white aubergines, tomato balls, courgette balls, baked kalamari, and sun-dried tomatoes which can be sampled at the traditional taverns and restaurants throughout the island. You should always accompany your meal with a few glasses of famous Santorini wine.

How to Reach Santorini Greece

The island of Santorini is connected to Athens, Thessaloniki and other Greek Islands by airplane, ferry boat or high-speed boat.

A. By airplane from Athens Airport ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’ or Thessaloniki Airport ‘Macedonia’ to Santorini Airport in Monolithos

  • Olympic Airways: - Tel. +30 210 966-6666, +30 210 966-6666 or 801-11-44444
  • Aegean Airlines: - Tel. +30 210 626-1000 or 801-11-20000
  • Athens Airport ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’: Tel. +30 210 353-0000
  • Santorini Airport: Tel. +30 22860 28400 or +30 22860 28405
  • Olympic Airways (Santorini): Tel. +30 22860 31525
  • Aegean Airlines (Santorini) - Mr. Athanasios Karabatzakis. E-mail: - Tel. +30 22860 28500, Fax: +30 22860 28508

B. By ferry boat or high-speed boat from Piraeus Port to Santorini Port in Athinios

There are frequent bus departures from the capital town of Fira, Santorini Port and Santorini Airport to other parts of the island. If you wish, you may rent a car or a motorbike from the many rental agencies located throughout the island.

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